10 Cheap DIYs That Might Make Your Friends Jealous

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place you go to rest, relax, spend time with family, and sometimes entertain guests. If you aren’t happy with your home and want to improve it, you aren’t likely to enjoy it as much or invite guests over until the improvements are complete. Luckily, for homeowners who do not want to fix up their homes before listing them, MEGG Homes buys homes of all price ranges and conditions throughout Central Florida, so fill out this form to speak with someone from our team. But, if you’re looking for some ideas to spruce up things around the house, then this article may be for you.

Many people are intimidated by the cost of home renovations and updates. There are plenty of things you can do yourself that will make your home look and feel better, and maybe even make your friends a little jealous. Here are ten cheap DIYs that anyone can do.

Bathroom Makeover

Your bathroom is probably one of the smaller rooms in your home, which makes it one of the easiest to makeover. Simple things make a big difference in a small room. Adding a new sink or some plank flooring can give your bathroom a modern look. If you aren’t up for a big project, consider changing your shower curtain, rugs, and towels to make the bathroom more decorative.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are something many people just live with. You don’t love them, but you don’t hate them. They are just there to serve a purpose. A coat of paint can take your kitchen cabinets from boring to amazing. Be bold and go with a bright accent color or keep it simple with a neutral. You can easily paint them yourself for a big difference at a low cost.

Laundry Room Update

Your laundry room is another small room that is easy to update on a budget. Simple things like shelving and a fresh coat up paint can give your laundry room a nice look. While it might not be a room your guests see a lot, a nice laundry room makes the chores a little easier.

Crown Molding

Crown molding can make a big difference in any room. It adds a touch of class and adds value to your home. It’s also easy to install, and it doesn’t cost a lot. Just focus on doing one room at a time until the whole house is finished.

Light Fixture Updates

Light fixtures are easy to update for an affordable price. Lights are accent points in a room and draw attention. Even though they are small pieces, any changes to them are easily noticed. Just add some new lamps and lampshades.

Closet System

Everyone wants their closet to be nice and organized. If you really want to make your friends jealous, show off your closet system that you added yourself. You can buy closet systems at almost any home improvement store, and they are easy to install. There are systems to fit any budget.

Decorative Privacy Fence

Privacy fences serve a purpose, but they also make your yard look nice. Adding a decorative fence such as one made of bamboo or corrugated metal will give your home and yard a unique look. Fencing is fairly easy to install yourself, and it increases your home’s value.

Front Door Makeover

Sometimes the little things make a big difference. If you are looking for a noticeable change that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, just give your front door a makeover. It’s one of the first things guests see, so it shouldn’t be boring. Paint it a bold color to match the other outside décor, or get fancy and give it an eye-catching pattern.


Flooring can make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels. While it might take a lot of time and some money to redo the flooring in your whole home, if you work one room at a time, you can accomplish a lot for a little. Vinyl flooring is a durable and affordable option, but carpet is also easy to install on your own.

Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants can add some curb appeal to your home and make it more inviting. If you entertain guests in your yard or on your patio, adding some beautiful plants is an excellent way to impress them. Everyone wants a beautiful garden inspired by nature. You can design your own with affordable perennials that will last for many years.

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