11 Fun Things To Do With Your Family In Polk County

Located in Central Florida, Polk County is well known for its abundant wildlife, beautiful lakes, rich history and culture, and a variety of activities for adults and kids, including fishing, birdwatching, and boating. If you are planning to spend your next vacation in this magnificent part of Florida, here is the list of fun things to do in Polk County with your family:

1. Spend a day on Lake Parker

The lake was named after a famous pioneer and resident, Parker Streety. It is one of the most visited lakes in the area, offering tons of fun outdoor activities. You can try water activities such as boating or fishing, or discover the area around the lake by going on a hike and exploring one of the numerous trails.

2. Have a fun day in Explorations V Children’s Museum

If you have children, it is the best place to spend a day. It is more than just an entertaining place – the goal of the museum is to educate children through active play and exploration. It is built in sections around different topics and encourages little explorers to engage their minds and use all 5 senses.

3. Get closer to nature in the Circle B Bar Reserve

It is an area of land in Polk County with the purpose to protect and preserve the flora and fauna of the Lakeland area. During your time at the park, you can witness rare and wild animals like alligators, bobcats, snakes, and otters. One of the most popular family activities is birdwatching.

4. Get inspired and creative in the Polk Museum of Art

For many years, this museum has been a source of inspiration for the community. The collection of the museum consists of over 2,500 works, some of which date back to the Pre-Columbian era. The museum also has a magnificent outdoor area with lush gardens and beautiful sculptures.

5. Visit Fantasy of Flight

If you are passionate about flying and aviation, the museum Fantasy of Flight is a must-visit attraction for you. Here you can learn more about the history of aviation and see one of the largest collections of private aircrafts in the world.

6. Spend an afternoon in Hollis Garden

If you find yourself in Lakeland, do not miss a chance to see the beauty of Hollis Garden. The garden has over 10,000 flowers and a beautiful fountain in the middle. It is conveniently located in the downtown area and is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon.

7. Learn more about history in Munn Park Historic District

Munn Park got the name from the founder – Abraham Munn. It is a unique outdoor exhibition that includes 48 historic buildings and is walking distance from Downtown Lakeland’s restaurants and shops!

8. Entertain your kids in Common Ground Park

It is one of the most famous and visited places among local families. Kids will love this playground that offers learning through play activities. The park is relatively new – it was opened in 2009 with the purpose to contribute to children’s cognitive and physical development.

9. Have a mysterious experience at Spook Hill

Located in the town of Lake Wales, Spook Hill is known as the most mysterious attraction in the area for the last 60 years. It is a mysterious hill, where you can park your car at the bottom and watch it roll up the hill.

10. Experience a natural habitat at Safari Wilderness Ranch

By visiting Safari Wilderness Ranch you have a unique opportunity to see hundreds of exotic herds roaming freely across the pristine wilderness of Central Florida. There are two types of adventures to choose from – either by safari car or by camelback.

11. Have fun at the Family Fun Center

You wanna spend some fun time indoors? Family Fun Center offers a great variety of entertainment options. You can play arcade games, golf, or laser tag, or have fun at Fantasia Play Area. It is a perfect place for a family on a rainy day.

Polk County is a stunning part of Central Florida that is worth exploring and experiencing. It has so many things to offer for those who are ready for some fun and adventure. Now, when you know what things to do in Polk County, we hope your family trip will be full of memories and happiness.

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