12 Ways To Celebrate Father's Day in 2021

Every dad deserves some love on Father's Day. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect way to celebrate dad for everything he's done. Here are 12 ways to celebrate Father's Day in 2021 in Lakeland.

1. Enjoy Dinner
Many people express love through food. Grill in the backyard or take dad to one of his favorite Lakeland restaurants. Don't forget to try some craft beers or enjoy a drink after the meal.

2. Try Something New and Exciting
For the dad who likes to have fun, look for unusual activities that will add some laughter to your Father's Day celebration. Some activities to consider include:

  • ride go-karts
  • shoot paintballs
  • attend a car show
  • visit a theme park

3. Attend a Baseball Game
Baseball is America's favorite pastime. Take dad to a game and eat some crackerjacks while singing during the 7th inning stretch. Minor league games offer fun at a discounted price for people who want to stick to a budget.

4. Go Camping
Find a peaceful location to set up a tent and spend the night with dad in nature. You get to unplug and spend quality time together away from the television and cell phones.

5. Watch Movies
My dad loves Godzilla movies. Every year, we watch a couple of his old-time favorites. Whether your dad prefers westerns, musicals, war, or horror movies, let him pick the movies and watch them without complaining.

6. Share Music
Listen to Music that you both enjoy while also showing each other new music that you enjoy. Look for concerts in the area if you prefer to listen to live music.

7. Play Games
Game night is always a hit. Pick some fun games and get the whole family involved. Don't think you have to let dad win just because it is Father's Day!

8. Go Fishing/Hunting
The outdoors teaches us a lot while also allowing us to connect with nature. Show off your skills by going fishing or going hunting.

9. Crate Homemade Cards
Anyone can buy a card. Make your own. Buy construction paper and markers to create a homemade card with the young ones or create a unique digital card that won't end up in a box in the basement.

10. Climb Your Family Tree
Research your ancestry by buying a kit or doing the research together. You can learn about your family's history and connect through your common roots.

11. Complete a Puzzle
Buying a puzzle is one thing- completing the puzzle is something else entirely. Complete a puzzle together. For an added challenge, buy a 3-D puzzle or a puzzle with a complicated design.

12. Reminisce
One way to show dad how much they mean to you is to sit back and reminisce about the fun times you shared and the fatherly things dad did for you in the past.

No matter what you do, just make a point to tell dad how much you love him this Father's Day. And, of course, stay safe.

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