5 Reasons Open Floor Plans Have Become So Popular

The open floor plan has become the preferred style for a substantial number of new and remodeled homes. First conceptualized in the 1880s as the brainchild of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, open-floor plans became an ingenious way to make the most of advances in centralized heating in the 1990s. Designed to seamlessly eliminate partition walls that traditionally divided common rooms, this style facilitates effortless transitions between indoor, outdoor, and communal living spaces. A look at the top five perks of an open floor plan can provide insight into the enduring popularity of this style.

Luxurious Lighting

With fewer barriers and doors, this style allows natural light to pour into different areas of the home. Rooms that may have lacked windows in a conventional home can now receive light from the windows of exterior walls. Experts believe that improved light exposure may increase productivity, improve sleep, and even improve home energy efficiency. And given the subtropical climate of Polk County, this style of organic architecture lets you reap the benefits of the Florida sunshine with minimal effort. 

Alluring Ambiance

An open-floor layout creates a large, welcoming environment for socializing with family or entertaining guests and friends. Eliminating unnecessary walls helps make socializing the focal point and gives your home more usable space. Since outdoor spaces like patios, pools, or decks are equally important for entertaining in a Polk County home, an open floor plan with large windows and glass doors creates an easy connection between indoor and outdoor seating areas. This layout can also provide a better view of your exterior landscaping and surroundings, allowing you to get the most out of living in this enviable part of the country. 

Safety and Security

This type of floor plan is an excellent option for families with children or the elderly. Parents cooking in the kitchen can supervise young children without doors, walls, or hallways blocking the way. If you prefer for your children to play outside, large exterior windows can also improve supervision. Homeowners in their golden years also prefer open-floor plans due to fewer stairs or room transitions. For those who use a wheelchair or mobility device, open-floor plans also eliminate the structural dilemma of widening doorways and hallways. Overall, it is easier to keep a handle on what is happening in your home with a nearly 360-degree view of communal areas. 

Fluid Traffic Flow

Elimination of excess walls and doors allows you to reposition load-bearing elements and make your home feel much more spacious. This spaciousness improves traffic flow as family members move about their day. Whether you experience busy mornings getting the little ones ready for school or undergo a flurry of appointments and activities in the afternoon, open-floor plans help you maximize the available square footage in your home. Another benefit is that an unhindered layout is often easier to organize and clean.

Relevance and Resale Value

Whether you want to purchase a house through Megg Homes or remodel your existing home for resale, an open-plan is the most desirable layout. In the world of real estate, few things are worse than an outdated kitchen or floor plan. An open floor plan gives your home a modern feel by providing a multi-functional space for entertaining, dining, gathering, or recreation. An updated layout can increase home value for eventual sale, and experts believe that converting central spaces into open-floor plans can produce one of the best returns on investment (ROI) in the long run.

The Bottom Line

With its intuitive design that maximizes the available square footage of a property, it is easy to see why the open floor plan remains one of the top choices for prospective buyers. The open-floor concept integrates naturally with the Floridian environment and can help make indoor living more enjoyable. MEGG Homes has plenty of homes available on the market today and some of which can offer an open floor plan. Take a look at the properties we have available now.

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