5 Tips for Working Remote in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, Florida, is a mid-size, laid-back town in Central Florida that's home to an estimated 112,136 residents. As part of the Tampa Bay Area, residents enjoy access to great neighborhoods, three major-league sports teams, and great year-round weather.

Taking exception to the COVID-19 pandemic's recent effects, the Tampa Bay Area's job market has steadily grown over the past 11 years. Combined with no state income tax, Lakeland is a perfect place for any career-driven adult to live.

Like all of the United States, employers in Lakeland have long asked employees to work from home. Whether or not you consider that many business experts believe remote working will continue to trend throughout 2021 and for even longer than that, honing your remote working skills should be an essential part of your professional self-training efforts. After our team collected a long list of high-value tips for working from home, we painstakingly narrowed them down to create this top-five list.

1. Get in a Routine

Before you began working remotely, you were all but forced to follow strict daily routines. Even though you were 100% free until the moment you clocked in, you still woke up at the same time, got ready the same way, and drove the same route every morning.

People are naturally tempted to let these work routines fade into oblivion after being allowed to work remotely.

Never neglect your work routine, even when working from home. If you don't have a solid routine, start one right now! You'll enjoy benefits such as greater productivity and a better attention span.

2. Look After Your Body

Every office worker on planet Earth has had strained eyes or a stiff back from poor computer hygiene. If you feel like you should just suck it up, don't trust your gut!

For starters, always sit up straight when working from a computer. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Your hands and eyes, respectively, should be in line with the keyboard and top of the computer screen.

Interested in a more complete list of computer hygiene guidelines? Check out this comprehensive resource from the State Government of Victoria, Australia.

3. Don't Commingle Your Digital Habits With Your Work Routine

Although many of us don't realize it, most of us have well-established, long-running digital habits that are nothing short of difficult to break. Some common examples of digital habits include:

  • Using our phones to browse through social media after waking up or before falling asleep.
  • Leaving a web browser tab open throughout our workdays, through which we constantly check our email inboxes.
  • Busting out the smartphone on work breaks to peruse midday social media posts.

These habits aren't necessarily bad. However, since you're almost always your own supervisor when working from home, you'll also be the only person to regulate your behavior.

At a minimum, try sticking to these healthy guidelines:

  • Avoid looking at social media, watching videos, or otherwise wasting time online until your workday is over.
  • Turn on email notifications instead of constantly checking your inbox.
  • Keep an eye peeled for time-wasting habits. Upon recognizing them, design, implement, and follow your newfound digital guidelines.

4. Mark Your Working Territory

Put simply, you should work in the same place every single day. Because you're probably required to work in the same spot when in the workplace, you might feel like working from an assortment of places at home.

Don't take the risk of working from your bed, the couch, or somewhere in between. Consider this tip part of your non-negotiable daily work routine.

5. Stay Focused on Work

Above all else, don't get sidetracked when working remotely. Although Lakeland, Florida, is undeniably beautiful, don't get distracted by the town's natural beauty, countless local attractions, or anything else!

When it's time to work, do exactly that — work. Exercise, coffee, and a healthy work routine can all improve your ability to pay close attention throughout your workday.

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