5 Ways To Make Selling Your Home Less Stressful

There is no doubt that selling your home can be an incredibly stressful experience. Not only do you have to find the right agent and decide how to properly price your home, but you also have to prepare it for showings and deal with all of the paperwork that comes with selling a house. Here are five ways that you can reduce your stress when selling your home.

Select the Best Agent for Your Needs: The entire process of selling your home from start to finish will go much more smoothly if you select the best listing agent for your specific needs. Start with asking around family and friends for their personal recommendations. You will feel more confident in your choice if you know other trusted people who have had success with this person. Be sure to choose an agent who you jive with on a personal level.

Identify Your Reason for Selling: Before you list your home, identify the primary reason why you want to make this happen. Once you have determined the reason for selling, it is important to keep this motivation at the forefront. Whether that reason is that you are relocating or because you simply want to upgrade your house, this reason will provide the motivation that you need to keep plugging away at making your dream happen.

Strongly Consider Cash Offers: A great amount of the stress that accompanies selling your home is due to the uncertainty that comes with the financial ins and outs of the procedure. By strongly considering cash offers, you automatically eliminate a significant portion of this anxiety. With a cash buyer, you are not beholden to credit checks and other issues that may cause a sale to fall through.

Showing Schedule Boundaries: One of the most challenging parts of selling your home is keeping it perfect for last-minute showings. You can eliminate some of this stress by setting clear showing schedule boundaries. While it may be enticing to drop everything that you are doing to show your home, this will quickly become old and will disrupt your entire lifestyle. In order to set these boundaries, it is important that you maintain a constant line of communication with your listing agent.

Balancing Buying and Selling: Another layer of complexity enters the picture when you are also trying to buy a home at the same time that you are listing your current house. You will need to decide whether you want to buy or sell first. In order to determine the best course of action, be sure to consult with your agent and mortgage broker. A concrete plan will help to guide your decisions as you navigate this tricky situation.

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