7 Key Factors That Make a Home “Move-In Ready”: The Most Important Amenities

Most homebuyers search for listings that are move-in ready homes. There may be some confusion as to what move-in ready actually means. You may find a home that you love, but it needs updating. To some buyers, these are not move-in ready homes due to the fact that it needs a cosmetic make-over.

There are certain factors that should be updated to list the home as a move-in ready home. The seven main factors to look for that will ensure that a home is move-in ready are considered necessary amenities.

1. Kitchen

Let’s face it, the kitchen is a must-have. People that are searching for move-in ready homes want the kitchen to be perfect for them. The mandatory amenities for a kitchen are working appliances, lighting, faucets that work, and outlets for other appliances.

2. Bathrooms

The bathrooms in a home do need to have drains that actually work, water pressure for the shower and the toilets must flush. The size of the room does not make or break home from being move-in ready.

3. Flooring

When buyers are touring homes, flooring is one of the main amenities they look at. Most buyers prefer to see hardwood flooring throughout the home. In all reality, the home could have carpeting, tile, linoleum, or hardwood throughout. As long as the flooring is not warped, ripped, or dirt-stained, the home is considered to be move-in ready. Remodeled homes for sale are usually completed by changing all the flooring to matching hardwood throughout.

4. Paint

Sellers are not mandated to have fresh paint throughout the home. The basic consideration is that the paint is clean and preferably a neutral color. However, keep in mind that even if the paint scheme is a turn off to a buyer, it does not hinder a person from living there. There are many of the remodeled homes for sale that have been given fresh coats of paint inside and out. This adds to the positive impressions of the home.

5. Electrical wiring and Plumbing

No one wants to consider purchasing a home that needs updated electrical work or one that needs to have plumbing replaced. When buyers see an outlet cover that has many layers of paint on them, it signals that this home needs work electrically. The outlets need to be modern, as should the light switches. Even if the turn of the century covers and switches adds character, it is not worth the negative impressions.
Plumbing is also one of the biggest considerations. Older homes may have cast iron pipes running in some areas, these have to be changed. Lead pipes also need to be changed out.

6. Roofing, Siding, and Windows

The first visuals that potential buyers see are the roof, the windows, and the siding. Homebuyers need to take a walk around the property and take a good long look at these items of their home. If there is missing siding, replace it, if the paint has huge areas that are peeling or flaking off, MEGG Homes suggest that the home be painted. The windows should be inspected also. Check for rotted framing, broken panes of glass, or caulking around windows that should be repaired or replaced. The roof may look okay, the age of the shingles or other roof covering makes a difference to a home buyer. If the roofing appears to be old, there is the thought that the roof could leak, if not now, in the near future.

7. HVAC, Heating, and Cooling

Lastly, the heating and cooling systems of the home should be in working order and good condition. When homebuyers see heating and cooling systems that need to be replaced within a year or two, it adds to the negative reasons for making the purchase. This also includes the water heater. This too needs to be in working condition and not terribly old.

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