7 Unique Trunk-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween in 2021

Trunk-or-Treating allows you to costume your car for socially distant Trick-or-Treating this post-COVID Halloween. With enough imagination and inspiration, you can turn practically any character, setting, or object from any book, movie, game, or toy your kids love into a costume for your car. The more you get your creative wheels spinning, the more you'll fuel wild and wonderful ways to deck out your vehicle for All Hallow's Eve this year. Here are seven Trunk-or-Treat ideas to start your ignition.

1. Pirate Theme

Prop a basket fashioned into a crow's nest on the roof, hang some linens from broom handles as sails and drape some fishnets down the vehicle's sides to make your pirate ship. Then surround it with oceanic blue balloons and friendly blow-up sharks, starfish, and other sea creatures to create your ocean. To round it out, populate your trunk with skeletons and pirates guarding a treasure chest filled with a bounty of—what else?—candy.

2. Gingerbread House

What better costume for a car on Halloween than one covered in candy? Hearkening to the old Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, you can craft a simple frame to box your car in with walls made from paper bags or another brown wrapping. Then decorate them with giant colorful candy, or rather arts and crafts that look like candy. You can dot the walls in multicolored Dots or gumdrops or chocolate kisses, cover the roof in chocolate shutters, and line the edges with red and white striped candy cane molding.

3. Circus Theme

Turn your trunk into a big top tent, hang tightropes and a trapeze from the ceiling, and line it inside and out with a parade of animals and clowns. And don't forget the concessions.

4. Princess Theme

Use colorful, frilly fabrics, plush pillows, and bright balloons to create a castle fit for a queen-in-training. Mount a turret on top and lower a drawbridge from the rear to round out the effect.

5. Dragon Theme

Place some cardboard teeth around the frame of the open trunk door, perhaps a red carpet tongue on the inside and a pair of wings sticking out the sides, and voila! You've turned your vehicle into a dragon.

6. Movie Themes

Every child has at least one favorite, no doubt rife with a choice of characters or settings to recreate in the back of your vehicle. Just a few of the movies with great visuals you can easily incorporate into a unique Trunk-or-Treat design include:
• Frozen
• Spider-man
• The Wizard of Oz
• The Avengers
• Harry Potter
• Trolls
• The Nightmare Before Christmas
• Toy Story
• Star Wars

7. Haunted Theme

This list wouldn't be complete without including some classic Halloween icons, like witches and ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, and spiders. Turn your trunk into a spooky graveyard by crafting some tombstones from cardboard or foam and laying them over astroturf. Place some human skulls around it, or even a skeletal hand reaching up through the earth. Overhead, hang some ghosts hovering and bats flying before a bright full moon.

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