The Best Lakes You Can Enjoy This Summer In Polk County

If you’re looking for someplace fun to take a day trip to, the lakes of Polk County, Florida could be a great destination. Polk County is located in the heart of Florida’s lakes region, and there are several great lakes in the area for swimming, fishing, boating, and other activities. Here’s what you need to know about the lakes of Polk County, Florida:

Where Is Polk County?

Polk County is located in central Florida, and it’s just south of Orlando, which is found in Orange County. While none of the major cities of Florida are located in this county, Kissimmee is a sizable community that’s found in this county. However, there is plenty of natural space in the county as well, which includes the region’s numerous lakes and ponds.

Where Are The Lakes Within It?

Polk County has an exceptionally large number of lakes compared to most other regions of the United States. While there are more than 500 lakes located within Polk county, these are a few of the best lakes in Polk County:


Lake Kissimmee

This is the largest lake in Polk County, and it’s one of the best lakes in Polk County. In fact, it’s more than 50 square miles in size. There are areas of the lake that you can swim in. However, there is a large population of alligators in it, which means that many people don’t swim there. However, many people enjoy kayaking on this beautiful, massive lake.


Lake Tohopekaliga

This is the second largest lake in Polk County, and it’s a perfect destination for boating, swimming, diving, and more! This scenic lake is over 30 square miles in size. Unlike in Lake Kissimmee, most of the alligators in this lake tend to be located near a marshy region that’s used as a retention pond.


Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake is significantly smaller in size, but it’s still large enough for a wide range of summer activities. This lake is the source of the Kissimmee River, and there are several towns that are located near it. As a result, it’s a popular lake for boating, fishing, swimming, and other summer aquatic activities.


Lake Hancock

Lake Hancock is exceptionally shallow, and it has a depth of only around four feet on average. The maximum depth of the lake is sixteen feet, which makes it much shallower than most other lakes in the state of Florida. While there is a heavy alligator presence in the lake, it is suitable for boating, and there’s a boat ramp located along the shoreline.


Lake Gibson

This lake is also relatively shallow, but it is somewhat deeper than Lake Hancock. Lake Hancock has an average depth of 7 feet, and the maximum depth is 20 feet. The size of the lake is just under 500 acres, and there is a boat ramp on the shoreline of this lake.


Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton is a popular fishing destination in Polk County, and there are several types of fish that live in the lake. In addition, it’s a popular destination for boating, and there is a public boat ramp along the shoreline. It’s significantly larger than Lake Gibson at nearly 2,200 acres! There also are several islands located within it.


Lake Parker

Lake Parker is quite shallow as well, and the average depth of it is only five feet. The lake is stocked with a wide range of fish, which makes it a top fishing destination in Florida! Furthermore, it’s an excellent lake for boating, and its size is around 2,200 acres.


Lake Eloise

Lake Eloise is around 1,200 acres, and it has an oval shape. This lake is popular among boat owners, people who jet ski, and fishing enthusiasts. However, there are no public swimming areas there. However, it’s a very popular lake for other outdoor activities.

These Are Just A Few Of The Popular Lakes In The Area

While these are a few of the most well-known lakes in the area, there are hundreds of others in the region that could be excellent for boating, swimming, fishing, or any other outdoor activity. Furthermore, the climate of Polk County means that there’s a long season for aquatic activities in the region.

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